Behind the Bucket - Krissy Morris

In the first of a new series of articles, we get behind the bucket with Krissy Morris.


Name: Kristin Morris

TK ID:DZ-29112

Costume/s: Jawa

Favourite Star Wars movie: Empire Strikes back and Rogue one

Interesting fact about yourself:

I’m a French Canadian, who doesn’t remember how to speak French anymore.

What is your regular day job?

Customer Service Office in a contact center

Tell us why you joined the 501st Legion?

Well firstly, I wasn’t going to join it was my husband who was interested so I was going to be the supportive partner. Then I found out I could be a Jawa, it went all downhill from there! I actually got my numbers before my husband! So much for letting him do his thing lol.

How long have you been a part of the 501st Legion?

I’ve been a member for 5 years going on 6 I believe.

What’s your favourite troop?

Dream night will always be my favourite troop, lots of kiddies that normally don’t get out and Taronga zoo! Putting smiles on faces that have known a lot of hardship is extremely rewarding.

Are you currently working on any costumes to plan to in the future?

Currently, Slave Leia and a Twi’lek called Sinya. A bit obscure and challenging!

Other than trooping, what hobbies do you have?

I play D&D, go to concerts and enjoy the occasional craft beer ;)

Outside of trooping, what’s your favourite thing about being a part of the 501st Legion?

My favourite part is the feeling of family and comradery. It’s knowing that no matter what happens my garrison has my back and is willing to lend a hand if I need it.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining the 501st Legion?

Research, research, research! Ask lots of questions, the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask. Put your hand up to wrangle, that way you get a handle on how crowds react and interacting with the public before you put on a bucket or a costume.